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Fast Emergency Deployment

Rectrix Drone Services are skilled professionals in emergency response. Collectively our team has over 30 years of experience working within this sector.

Let Rectrix guide you with the integration of drones into your strategic operations from the correct platform, tethering, training and the complete command solution.Due to the advancement in drone technology, the emergency response sector is now greatly benefiting from their use. From giving the incident command an overview, thus improving situational awareness, and allowing him to manage conflicting activities (SimOps), to helping with post forensic analysis, drones are ideal for use within emergency response.


Incident dynamics, risks, threats, safety implications.


Observation of multiple teams, interoperability the smart way


Move data between on-scene operational & tactical and strategic command centres.

Post Flight Analysis

Utilising in house experts to gain the best from data capture, Rectrix will guide you through the available packages. We will ensure the best solution from forensic analysis to training.

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  • Gas & Oil
  • Renewable Energy
  • Civil Construction
  • Mining / Quarries
  • Security & Borders
  • Emergency Response
  • Airports
  • Drone Defence
  • Infrastructure

Gas & Oil Applications

Rectrix Drone Services utilise drones to conduct inspections of live, high and difficult to reach assets on offshore and onshore oil and gas installations.

  • Flare Stack Inspection
  • Pipelines
  • Internal/External Tank
  • Underdeck
  • Structural
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Renewable Energy & Utilities Applications

With our highly trained pilots Rectrix has been utilising drones to conduct inspection and surveys for the utilities sector. From communication towers and transmission lines to wind farms, our specialised drones means anything is accessible both efficiently and safely.

  • Transmission Lines
  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Farms
  • Communication Towers
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Construction Applications

With new applications coming to the market, Rectrix has invested heavily in utilising drones within the construction industry.

  • Build Monitoring
  • Stockpile Analysis
  • Monitoring of Onsite Assets
  • Build Completion Inspection
  • 3D Modelling
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Mining / Quarries Applications

Quarry and mining companies are now seeing the benefit of drones and the many applications they can be used for. Rectrix has been utilising drones within this industry in new and innovative ways.

  • Stockpile Analysis
  • Terrain Modelling
  • Elevation Modelling
  • Monitoring of Onsite Assets and Materials
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Security & Border Applications

Security and border control can be a challenging environment to work in. Let Rectrix Drone Services guide you to the correct drone platform, allowing you to utilise this for your applications.

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Perimeter Patrol
  • Prevention
  • Asset Security
  • Mobile command
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Emergency Response Applications

With advancement in drone technology and sensors the emergency response sector is now seeing and experiencing the benefits of having the correct drone onsite for incidents. Rectrix Drone Services have experts with 35 years in the emergency response sector. We provide consultancy in selecting the correct drone platform to get the right training and permissions in place.

  • Incident Management
  • Post Forensic Analysis
  • Search & Rescue
  • Intelligence Gathering
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Airport Applications

Drones can be utilised within airports safely and professionally for a number of applications. Rectrix Drones Services will provide the right drone solutions through consultancy and proof of concept allowing you to utilise drones effectively within airport grounds.

  • Runway Inspections
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator Inspection
  • Asset inspections
  • Emergency Incidents
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Drone Defence Applications

With drones becoming furthermore popular with the public they can cause disruption and issues in and around assets and high security areas. There are a number of options available on the market to help you combat the rogue drones and Rectrix Drone Services can help you select the right option for your protection.

Infrastructure Applications

The infrastructure sector is noticing the rapid development of drone technology. At Rectrix Drone Services we utilise this technology in a wide range of applications with our highly skilled pilots enabling safe operations around these busy assets.

  • Rail
  • Bridge and Viaducts
  • Dams
  • Road
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Tailored Drone Solutions

Training is an important part of being able to utilise your drone to its full potential and this is something Rectrix understands. We work with you to tailor training in order to meet specific requirement and based on the variety of different situations in which you’re using the drone.

Investing in a drone platform is an important decision. It’s one that must meet requirements and standards head on and with so many different platforms and sensors on the market it can be very difficult to select the right one. Rectrix will help guide you through the array of options from fixed wing systems to tethered drones.

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