Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Wind Farms Inspection

An innovative drone solution for the renewables sector

Revolutionising wind farm inspection, Rectrix the knowledge, skills and equipment.

Our rapid drone deployment offers many benefits especially when comparing with the more traditional methods of inspection. The ability to prioritise teams for repairs only instead of specific blade inspection means less time is spent working at height. Our drone service means your wind turbines are offline for less time than they would be if using existing rope process methods. In addition, there is no loss of actionable data which is provided to you along with any relevant advice.

Once an inspection has taken place the wind turbine can be brought back online. This sees a reduction in costs as parts can be ordered before any repairs take place. A scope of maintenance can be created so that the wind turbine is only brought offline for long periods when it is needed to perform repairs. A number of wind turbines can be inspected in any single day.

Reduce Risk

Minimises the amount of time people spend working at height

Save Time

Compared to traditional methods a number of wind turbines can be inspected in a day, parts can also be ordered before the turbine is taken offline for repairs

Cut Costs

Turbines can be inspected efficiently and put back into service quicker than traditional methods, allows for more regular inspections to take place

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