Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Transmission Line Inspection

Utilise Rectrix Drones in an innovative way to inspect transmission lines

When Rectrix carry out the inspection of transmission lines, there is no need to shut them down.

This results in risk reduction as it means teams do not need to work at height and within the vicinity of live wires. Cost benefits are highly notable also. Because the lines remain operational any parts required for repair can be ordered before shutdowns take place. The use of drones minimises the need to use manned aviation and because of this inspections can take place on a more regular basis with cost reductions in comparison to the more traditional methods.

Specialised sensors allow Rectrix drones to get high, detailed and actionable data without the need for the drone to go close to the lines. Rectrix can deploy rapidly in case of short weather windows and emergency inspections compared to traditional methods allowing for emergency inspections to take place.

Reduce Risk

No need for teams to work at height, also no need for teams to be close to live wires

Save Time

Allows inspections to be carried out rapidly without the loss in data quality, allows parts to be ordered before shutdown of the lines takes place for repairs

Cut Costs

Allows the transmission lines to remain active while inspections take place, more regular inspections can take place compared to the traditional methods, minimised use of manned aviation

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