Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Solar Farm Inspections

Utilise Rectrix Drones in new and innovative ways to maintain and inspect solar panels.

Utilising the latest thermal technology via our drones, Rectrix can rapidly deploy, gaining actionable data for engineers.

From this data, informed decisions can be made alongside the creation and scope of solar farm maintenance. Compared to traditional methods of inspection, the drone can cover a whole farm quicker and more efficiently showing cost saving man hours whilst using the time of an engineer much more effectively.

With solar farms the performance of each panel effects how much energy is produced and one defective cell can cause a drop in performance and as such, a loss in productivity. Drone technology is able to cover a farm in its entirety at a fast pace and highly effectively especially when comparing to some of the standard methods of inspection. The results of this method see anomalies detected early and rectified quickly whilst engineers can remain in one place as opposed to pacing the farm.

Reduce Risk

Minimises the need for teams to walk the site, allows teams to be in one place at all times

Save Time

Compared to traditional methods using the drone to inspect the whole site is quicker and more effective

Cut Costs

Allows for more regular inspections of panels, allowing for anomalies and issues to be detected quickly and rectified immediately, allowing for no drop in productivity

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