Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Communication Tower Inspection

Communication tower inspection without the need for people to work at height

Up until now, the inspection of communication towers has always meant using rope access teams at height

These teams must first carry out the inspection and then to be back working at height for the actual repairs. Rectrix utilises specialised drones to carry out the required work directly avoiding the need to send people to work at height. Fast and efficient inspection is standard with Rectrix Drone Services. A number of towers can be inspected within a day and when comparing to the traditional rope methods this is certainly time saving.

Additional benefits see communication towers remaining live during inspection which results in no signal loss for customers and an overall saving on both downtime and costs. During inspection parts can be ordered thus reducing the shutdown period.

Reduce Risk

Allows to reduce risk by minimising the time people are working at height

Save Time

A number of towers can be inspected in a day compared to traditional methods

Cut Costs

Only deploy one team to site allowing the inspection of a number of towers by one team instead of multiple teams for multiple towers. Reduces the time of shutdown period and allows parts to be ordered before repairs take place

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