Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.


Drones are and effective deterrent when it comes to keeping people out of high security areas.

When there are crowds a drone helps deter people from causing a crime. In a variety of sectors this particular method of monitoring is now being fully utilised.

Once on site a drone can be deployed rapidly and either sent on an autonomous flight or controlled from the ground via a ground station and pilot. This allows teams to monitor a situation on the ground and also deter people or organisations, as everything is being recorded.

Risk is minimised as instead of having to send ground teams as a deterrent into what could be a volatile situation, the drone will hover outside of the situation whilst still recording in case there is a need to use it for evidence.

Drones can significantly reduce costs. Not as many people need to be deployed as deterrent teams as there can be multiple drones monitoring a whole site instead.

Reduce Risk

Minimise risk by not having to deploy ground teams as a deterrent

Save Time

Saves time with drones being able to deploy rapidly, compared to having to get ground teams prepped and briefed, the drones can react rapidly to changing situations.

Cut Costs

Reduces costs by not having to deploy multiple ground teams with just a couple of drones acting as a deterrent.

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