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Perimeter Patrol

Patrolling a border or a perimeter with traditional methods can be time consuming, hold massive costs and not prove effective as a deterrent.

With the emergence of drone technology, this sector is now seeing the benefits and advantages. Once based on site, drones are rapidly deployed when patrol is needed. Most of the time drones will fly the route autonomously with a direct link back to base, allowing for live analysis of the sensor data. This is a much faster method compared to traditional ground patrols and manned aircraft which are time consuming and costly.

Risk to teams on the ground is minimised as they are not required to be sent along the border or perimeter where the environment may potentially be inhospitable. In terms of manned aviation, risks are also reduced as the aircraft cannot be brought down by people trying to cross i.e. smugglers and terrorists.

Drone technology greatly reduces costs. Multiple teams are not needing to be deployed for ground patrols and manned aviation which can be very expensive to run is not required.
With the progression of technology, drones are going to become completely independent. The development of charging stations will allow drones to land automatically and change their battery before allowing them to continue with its patrol.

With advances in machine learning and AI, drones are now able to learn their environments and able to pick up anomalies and highlight them as something that should be checked out. This means the teams back at base do not have to be looking at live data all the time because the drone will alert them if there is an anomaly.


With rapid deployment and multiple sensors on board the drones, from thermal to zoom capable cameras drones are able to detect incursions rapidly and securely


Allows for the teams back at base to analyse the data in real time


Allows the teams to make informed decisions on what actions they should take and whether it needs investigating further

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