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Mobile command

Allow Rectrix & Partners to create a complete mobile command solution

In the emergency response sector drones are being utilised more and more for a wide variety of situations. Rectrix has partnered with a number of leading mobile command solution providers including Kronenburg to offer the option of integrating drone systems whilst giving the command solution an innovative and new perspective when assessing incidents.

The integration of a drone into a mobile command solution gives you more options when attending an incident or patrolling an area. Having a drone on board allows you to monitor, even if the mobile command unit is blocked getting near the point of interest, or if the terrain is not hospitable for a vehicle to enter.

Having the drone tethered to the command vehicle allows the incident or point of interest to be constantly monitored as the drone is powered from the vehicle. It will permanently sit in position whilst giving up to date information back to the incident commander. This allows him to make up to date and informed decisions. With data traveling down the tether it also means there is no chance of data being hacked or leaked as it is a physical transfer compared to wireless.

With the drone as part of your mobile command solution one of the several key benefits is that it minimises risk. The commander is able to make informed decisions from a new perspective meaning he has more up to date information of the incident and where his teams are positioned.

Being able to deploy the drone rapidly is also a key benefit. The commander is able to gain an overall perspective immediately upon arrival at the incident instead of having to send teams out to relay information back to them.


With a drone on board it gives the commander a new and innovative perspective of the incident they are trying to manage


Live information is being sent back to the commander from the multiple sensors on board, giving them constant up to date data and information on where their teams are based


Ehances the commander decision making allowing him to make more up to date informed decisions as he is getting a live view of what is happening on the ground

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