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Asset Security

With security becoming more important when running a high hazard asset, the traditional methods can prove time consuming and have a high cost attached.

The use of drones within the security sector is becoming more common practice as the development of technology makes them more useful in securing a large area or plant.

Once on site a drone can be deployed rapidly in case of incidences, or will carry out patrols autonomously on a more regular basis than standard ground controls. The live information being sent back to the ground station allows pilots or observers to see anomalies in real time.

Drones can be programed to follow a particular flight path, allowing assets to be broken down into zones. A key advantage to using drones for asset security is the time saved when compared to traditional methods. A zone can be inspected a lot quicker by a drone compared to standard ground patrols.

Costs are cut, as multiple teams patrolling the grounds are no longer required. A drone will perform this task for you whilst feeding live information back to the main control room. The results – ground teams are utilised more efficiently.


Drones can be deployed rapidly to respond to incidents, as well as been programed to provide more constant patrols


Live information can be sent back to the control room for analysis, and with specialised on-board computers the drones can learn anomalies and detect them automatically to alert security teams


Allows security teams to make more informed decisions on how to react to any sort of incursion that is happening.

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