Security & Border Control

Using drones for surveillance of known hotspots reducing the risk of sending teams in. Drones can autonomously fly borderline and with on board computers detect anomalies.

Risk a drone, not a life.

When it comes to managing security and border protection, we have it all covered here at Rectrix Drone Services.

Our highly skilled team will guide you through the array of available platforms from fixed wing systems to rotary tethered systems and ensure the correct level of training is delivered to ensure you are confident in the use of your new technology. With huge advances in drone technology, security and protection sectors are now starting to see the advantages and benefits of utilising such methods. Our drones can offer automated patrol monitoring as well as the constant surveillance of a particular area.

There is a variety of drone platforms available available on today’s market and this can make it difficult to know which is the best one to suit your needs. This is where we can help as at Rectrix we are not tied to any one single provider and will guide you to the perfect solution that meets all requirements. Drone solutions are future proof in a dynamic and fast evolving market.

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