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Terrain Modelling

Let Rectrix speed up your method of terrain modelling.

Terrain modelling with traditional methods can be very time consuming and carry a number of risks.

At Rectrix we provide a much safer and more efficient way to retrieve required detailed data in order to create terrain models.
Taking a large site into consideration, usually required is a large team to work over several days in order to map out the site whilst gathering the necessary data. Alternatively, companies can investigate the possibility of manned aviation. Whilst this would be quicker, it comes at a much higher cost.

At Rectrix our specialised drones allow for terrain to be mapped quickly, safely and cost effectively, especially when compared to the methods previously mentioned. Drones fly the
whole site autonomously, gathering detailed data from on-board sensors whether image or LIDAR. From here the specialised software can create and import a terrain model and import this into most BIM or 3D modelling software.

This technique of data collection minimises the risks that are usually attached. Teams are not required to be sent out to gather data in potentially inhospitable environments meaning the possibility of injury is reduced. In addition, when looking at costs, they can be significantly less. There is no need to deploy multiple teams across a large site. With drone technology, data can be collected by a small team and processed once back at base. This method also removes the need to use expensive unmanned aviation.

Reduce Risk

Minimises risk by not having to send teams out into inhospitable environments

Save Time

Minimises time the team is on site collecting the data, so the model can be created in a shorter time compared to traditional methods

Cut Costs

Reduces significant costs compared to traditional methods

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