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Stockpile Analysis

The use of drones for stockpile analysis in the mining sector is becoming ever more sought after.

When comparing the more modern methods of inspection to the traditional it becomes clear that risks connected to the ‘old methods’ stand out. Monitoring stockpiles has proven time consuming in the past and this is where Rectrix can help.

If you are looking for a modern and competent way of monitoring stockpiles, we highly recommend drone technology. Our machines execute an entire site, autonomous flight and during this exercise they will take anywhere between 300 and 3000 pictures. The data collected during flight is processed using specialist software and our experts have the ability to give you accurate volumetric analysis of stockpiles. The manner in which data is collected significantly lowers risks to surveyors as they are no longer required to span mining sites and climb stockpiles in order to perform inspections.

Data collection using drones takes less time to action and because of this, costs are significantly reduced. Due to the straight forward nature of this modern way, inspections can be carried out on a more regular basis with anomalies detected quickly and rectified.

Reduce Risk

No need to send teams up the stockpile to gather data minimising the risk of trips and falls

Save Time

Compared to traditional methods the data can be captured more regularly and frequently

Cut Costs

Minimises loss stock, as there is constant up to date stockpile volume data

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