Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Elevation Modelling

A new and more efficient way of elevation model creation.

The creation of elevation models with traditional methods is time consuming and expensive.

Rectrix use specifically designed drones with the correct sensors and this helps speed up the process of elevation model creation. With traditional methods, to cover a large site can take several days and numerous people. With our dedicated drones we arrive onsite, have the risk assessment and method statement complete, and carry out a full survey usually within a matter of hours. Whilst onsite, once all data is collected and verified we will then use our dedicated software to build the elevation model. This can be imported into most BIM and 3D modelling software for analysis and manipulation by your in-house teams.

Using a drone is one of the greatest advantages in terms of risk management bringing injury to a minimum. They can be launched and returned to the same position for each flight and this means there is no reason for anyone to cross potentially dangerous terrain.

Costs are important to us and using our specialised drone technique it means a single team can be deployed as opposed to several. Surveyors are able to prioritise their time
manipulating and analysing the model.

Reduce Risk

Not having to send multiple teams to survey in environments that might be inhospitable

Save Time

A large site can be covered in a much more efficient way compared to the traditional methods

Cut Costs

Only having to deploy once team compared to multiple teams on site has a significant cost saving.

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