Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.


Surveys are an important part of a road project. They allow project managers and engineers to make informed decisions on how and where roads can be built.

Traditional survey methods from the ground can be time consuming and often add weeks onto a project. Rectrix can help make these surveys more efficient without losing the detail of the data and models created.

More frequent surveys can be carried out due to a reduction in time required especially in comparison to the more traditional methods. This in turn means that any anomalies or issues can be detected earlier in the project phases allowing action to be taken if necessary.

With the specialised software, Rectrix experts can create 2D orthomosaics and 3D models which can then be imported into most BIM or 3D modelling software such as AutoCAD. This allows engineers and surveyors to manipulate the models and also gain accurate measurements.

With more surveys coming into the project it allows project managers to remain within cost and even reduce this as they are able to see any issues or anomalies earlier and take action if necessary.

Reduce Risk

Allows project managers to keep on top of the project and analyse the models in very high detail, allowing any anomalies or issues to be detected and rectified

Save Time

More regular updates allow the project managers to keep the project on time and also allow them to see where time can be saved

Cut Costs

With regular updates the teams are able to make informed decisions allowing the project to come in on budget but also allow them to save money

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