Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.


Let Rectrix revolutionise the way you inspect and survey your railway assets.

Rectrix drones allows you to inspect assets on the railway without having to shut down the line or put speed restrictions in place. This means you can keep trains running on time and not have to reduce the service.

Our drones can inspect assets while the rail line is live allowing you to minimise risks by not having to send teams onto the tracks. Because of the specialised sensors our drones carry it means you will still receive detailed data back to your engineers allowing them to take action if necessary.

A drone can be deployed rapidly compared to traditional methods. If emergency inspection or surveys need to be carried out or there is a small weather window, this can be done immediately. There is no need to wait or prep teams for deployment. Large areas can be covered in a shorter space of time.

Our service can significantly cut costs by allowing repair teams to be deployed more efficiently. Parts can be ordered before the repair takes place meaning there is less disruption on the railway.

Reduce Risk

Minimising risk by not having to send inspection teams onto the live railway

Save Time

Allowing parts to be ordered before the rail line is taken offline for the repairs to take place, meaning less disruption on the line

Cut Costs

Allowing the rail line to remain open, meaning less disruption for the rail companies using the line, and only ordering the parts that need replacing instead of doing a full overhaul of all of the parts on the asset

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