Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.


Inspection of dams and their walls using traditional methods such as rope access teams and scaffolds have very high risks and are time consuming.

With Rectrix specialised drones we can minimise risk and speed up inspections without losing any detail on data captured. Minimising risk is a key benefit from this service as it eliminates the need to send anyone to work at height. Drone relay high quality data back down to engineers on the ground. Rope access teams will only be required when an issue is detected and analysed for resolution.

With specialised internal drones, inspections of confined spaces are made easy whilst massively reducing risk. Teams are not required to be sent into such very dangerous areas. Because the drones are deployed rapidly it allows you to inspect in case of emergency situations. If there is a very short weather window, inspection can still take place. Compared to traditional methods, the prepping for a drone inspection flight is very short once the equipment is on site.

With the inspection of any asset the time it takes is greatly reduced as prep time is shorter. Because the drone is so manoeuvrable it can reach places quicker in comparison to traditional methods. This in turn reduces the cost of inspection as it can be completed in a couple of days compared to two weeks with traditional methods.

Reduce Risk

Minimises the need to send teams to inspect at height and also reduces the need to send teams to work in confined spaces

Save Time

With drones the time it takes to inspect a full asset is greatly reduced compared to traditional methods

Cut Costs

More regular inspections can take place allowing for anomalies to be picked up quicker and so reducing the cost of repairs, and allowing a scope of maintenance to be prepared

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