Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Bridge and Viaducts

Bridge and viaduct inspection and surveys can be time consuming and pose significant risk to the teams involved.

Rectrix drones work with you, eliminating the need for teams to inspect at height whilst dramatically reducing the time it takes for inspection.

With our drones Rectrix can minimise the time teams spend at height thus reducing overall risk. With drone inspection, rope access teams or scaffold are only required should repairs need to take place.

This service can significantly save time for inspection projects in a number of ways. It allows teams to be deployed more efficiently whilst ensuring they prioritise repairs. Parts can be ordered before the repair process takes place.

Costs are reduced and more consistent inspections and surveys can take place. Because of the regularity, relevant teams can be deployed as and when necessary. Because this method is less intrusive it allows you to schedule more regular inspections and from this allows a scope of maintenance to be created which contributes to the overall aim of inspections.

Reduce Risk

Minimises the time teams need to work at height

Save Time

Allowing you to prioritise where the teams need to be positioned, and allows parts to be ordered before repairs take place

Cut Costs

Allows teams to be focused on the repairs that need to take place and not having to inspect the asset over weeks when now the whole asset can be inspected within a matter of days

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