Rectrix specialise in the use of UAVs within infrastructure projects

Civil Infrastructure Applications

Projects involving infrastructure are growing dramatically as is the use of drones to facilitate these.

At Rectrix we offer new and innovative ways to gather actionable data for use within projects whilst finding solutions to problems you thought you didn’t have. In performing detailed project inspections and utilising our specialised zoom and thermal sensors engineers can remain on the ground yet still retrieve actionable data for assessment.

Using a drone during the upgrade of infrastructure means the project/site does not need to be closed off. This allows for monitoring and inspection to take place even when parts of the project are complete and operational.

Rapid deployment of technology can cut costs and save time whilst allowing for projects to remain on track. Constant monitoring means any anomalies or issues are detected faster and in turn rectified at an early stage. This process means there is no impact on a projects timetable.The Rectrix team will ensure that all collected data from either survey or inspection is actionable, enabling engineers to contribute to the ultimate aim of the inspections and surveying whilst allowing a scope of maintenance to be prepared.

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