Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

VOC Monitoring

A new and innovative way to monitor emissions.

Current gas monitors are either fixed to a certain position or mobile on the ground.

specialised drones that take samples of emissions from anywhere around your asset and at any height. Specialised sensors onboard our drones allow for quick detection of any leaks that may not necessarily be visible. This allows for subsequent repairs to be implemented by repair teams.

Certain detectable gases can be extremely hazardous to humans. Sending one of Rectrix drones to assess offers a massive reduction in risk when comparing this to the more traditional inspection methods. Rectrix can cover large areas and this will reduce the amount of time needed to conduct a typical survey of an asset.

Reduce Risk

Not having to send people into hazardous areas, quicker detection of leaks

Save Time

A full survey can be carried out a lot quicker compared to traditional methods

Cut Costs

Detection of gases can be caught early so in turn allowing the client not to get caught out by inspectors, more regular checks can take place

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