Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Underdeck Inspections

Rectrix reduce the risk of underdeck inspections using specialist drones

Underdeck inspections can be time consuming and have high risks for teams performing the work.

At Rectrix we offer a service using highly trained pilots and dedicated drones even in GPS denied areas. This ensures inspections are carried out safely and with competence.
This in turn allows you to reduce risks and save time as the inspection teams are not working at height and only required underdeck if repairs need to take place. This solutions means teams are utilised efficiently.

At Rectrix we can be deployed rapidly, even in the case of incidents or small weather windows. This means emergency inspections can take place as and when required.

Reduce Risk

No need to send rope access teams underdeck just for the inspection, allows the teams to be only used in the need for repair

Save Time

Rapid deployment of drone compared to traditional methods

Cut Costs

Rope access teams only need to be deployed where repairs need to take place, more frequent inspections can take place

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