Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Structural Inspections

Rectrix can deploy specialised drones to hard to reach parts of your structure with ease

Performing a full structural survey of a structure or asset can prove time consuming, complex and come with high costs via traditional methods.

Eliminated is the need to send people to work at height or to deliver overside work and this reduces risk. Large, complex scaffolding is not required for such projects meaning savings are made in the first instance. One of the largest benefits is the fact that structures can remain operational during inspection. This dramatically reduces the amount of time the structure is offline.

More regular inspection and surveys can be carried out as the Rectrix drones can be rapidly deployed, contributing to the ultimate aim of inspections allowing a scope of maintenance to be created.

Reduce Risk

Reduces the need for people to work at height and over side

Save Time

Reduces the need to erect large and complex scaffolding around the structure, allows parts to be ordered before repairs need to take place

Cut Costs

More regular inspections can take place, allowing for a scope of maintenance to be created

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