Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Pipeline Inspections

Regular and Efficient Pipeline Inspection with Rectrix

Rectrix can inspect and survey large areas of pipelines using specialised long-range drones.

In comparison with the more traditional methods, this allows for more regular inspections to take place. An added benefit sees a reduction in risk as teams are not required to be sent out into inhospitable environments. Costs are lowered as entire pipelines can be inspected. This means specific areas can be monitored and parts ordered in advance. We base pipeline inspection on your requirements and surveys can can either focus on specific parts of the pipeline or offer an overall view by looking for leaks and encroachment.

Reduce Risk

No need to deploy teams into inhospitable environments

Save Time

Large areas can be covered compared to traditional methods

Cut Costs

More regular inspections can take place and parts ordered before repairs take place

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