Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Tank Inspections

Let Rectrix transform the way you execute internal and external tank inspections

At Rectrix we have specialised drones that focus upon both internal and external aspects of tanks inspections.

Internal tank inspections offer risk reduction and shorter shutdown tank periods. The tank does not need to be fully decontaminated for human entry as the drone will be the only thing entering. With the sensors deployed it allows for detailed inspections to take place. The specialised drone is collision tolerant meaning no damage to any piping or components inside the tank will be caused.

External tank inspection also sees a reduction in risk and shutdown period. There is no need to send inspectors to work at height or wait for scaffold to be erected around the outside.
Rectrix can be deployed rapidly in case of short weather windows as well as being able to respond to incidents, allowing for emergency inspections to take place.

Reduce Risk

No need to deploy teams at height or into confined spaces

Save Time

Tank shutdown is shortened

Cut Costs

Tank shutdown can be shortened and parts can be ordered in advance for repairs to take place

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