Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Flare Stack Inspection

Let Rectrix Revolutionise your Flare Stack Inspections

Rectrix inspects flare stacks whilst they remain operational. There is no need to shut them down and people are not required to work at height.

Using a drone to conduct flare inspection dramatically reduces cost as the flare is able to remain live during the process. Any necessary parts required can be ordered in advance of taking it offline. Flare stack inspections have the ability to focus on specific areas such as the flare tip, radiation shield, pilot ignition systems, pipework, gantries and handrails, it can also give a general overview of the flare stack condition.

In comparison to traditional inspection methods, Rectrix have the ability to deploy teams rapidly in case of incidents and short weather windows. This allows for emergency inspections to take place. In terms of reporting we can evaluate these and provide relevant advice upon request.

Reduce Risk

No need for teams to inspect at height

Save Time

No need for shutdown

Cut Costs

Parts ordered before shutdown

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