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Post Forensic Analysis

When it comes to mapping out an incident, traditional methods can be time consuming and also only take place after the incident has occurred.

The results of this can mean the scene has been contaminated.

Drones can be deployed rapidly once on site and map out the incident immediately. This eliminated any issues surrounding contamination. Flying autonomously, the drone captures high quality data. Once collected you have a full overview of the incident captured and this is now ready for analysis. With specialised software and from the data captured you are able to create 2D orthomosaics and 3D models. These can be manipulated and analysed using the same software. From the models, accurate measurements can be ascertained allowing for accurate analysis of the incident.

Risk reduction is prevalent when using drone technology. Teams gain a full overview of an incident upon site arrival. This results in an investigation team knowing exactly what they are walking into once deployed.

Time is saved in terms of report creation. With fast analysis, any changes required are produced quickly thus reducing the risk of the incident reoccurring.


Allows for quick acquisition of an uncontaminated incident, allowing for better post forensic analysis


Being able to analyse the incident, before teams go on to the site and contaminate it, allows you to preserve the overall cause of the incident


Allows the investigators to act quickly and make sure that this incident cannot reoccur at any other site

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