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Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering has always posed significant risks to the teams performing tasks whether occurring in the air or on the ground.

Utilising drones within this sector is not actually a new concept. The military have used professional grade drones for this very purpose for years and it’s only now we are seeing the use of drones within police and security sectors.

The technology is becoming more accessible as are smaller and more portable designs. Once on site, a drone can be deployed rapidly allowing intelligence gathering to start immediately. This method dramatically saves time especially when comparing to the standard manned aircraft. Because the machines are smaller, drones are less detectable than manned aircraft meaning they are more covert when it comes to sensitive information.

With the development of technology within the drone sector they can now carry a wide range of sensors from zoom capable cameras, that are able to detect number plates, to thermal cameras which can be set to detect only human body temperatures. Drones can also be tethered to the ground allowing persistent flight for hours on end. This also allows data to be transferred down the tether making it impossible to be hacked as there is no wireless signal transmitting.

Drones minimise risks to teams, as it replaces the need for sending either ground teams or manned aircraft into what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Why risk a life when you can risk a drone?

Time is greatly reduced in terms of starting an operation. Traditional methods show ground teams having to be briefed and prepped, and with manned aircraft, teams have to wait for its arrival. A drone can be deployed within a matter of minutes.


Rapid deployment of the drones means no intelligence is missed with having to wait for either the teams to get prepped, or for the arrival of manned aviation


Allowing the team on the ground outside the operational area to analyse the intelligence on the go, allowing them to change angles and move position on the fly without having to communicate with other teams


Allwoing the team to act on the information that is gathered from the drone live, and so can position teams if they need to be deployed into the correct areas or if they need to change position

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