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Incident Management

Due to huge advances within technology, emergency response services are finding a place within their sector to utilise drone solutions.

Offering an overall picture of an incident, this modern and innovative method is becoming highly sought after in comparison to the more traditional methods.

Upon arriving on site, a drone has the capability to be rapidly deployed. This enables the incident commander to gain an overall picture of what’s happening, immediately. Insight provided by the drone enhances SimOps (Simultaneous Operations). Situational awareness is enhanced with teams deployed much more efficiently. Informed decisions are much easier to be made with regards to the handling of the situation.

One of the key aspects a drone offers is the fact it minimises risk. Because of the technology, incident commanders can clearly see what is going on and therefore can be prepared before sending their teams into a potentially dangerous scenario.


Deploy multiple sensor technology, providing the teams on the ground a complete overview, greatly improving the situational awareness of the incident taking place. Improving the incident dynamics, reducing the risks to the teams and improving the overall safety of the operations


Live imagery sent down to the incident command allowing for quick analysis of the scene. Incident can be mapped and captured immediately before the scene is contaminated


Enhanced decision making, allows incident commander to make more informed decisions. Enhances SimOps and allows the incident commander to coordinate and make decisions with the multiple agencies that maybe on the scene

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