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Stockpile Analysis

A more efficient way of monitoring stockpiles

Traditional methods of monitoring stockpiles are time consuming and pose a huge risk to surveyors.

Rectrix offers you a new and more efficient way in monitoring stockpiles using our drones. An autonomous flight of the whole site will take between 300 and 3000 pictures (site size depending). Upon collection of the data it is processed back at base using specialised software. Rectrix experts are able to analyse the models and create accurate volumetric analysis of stockpiles thus giving you invaluable data, easily.

The accuracy of the data can vary dependent on requirements and this can range from 1.5% to 3%. Our experts take the time out to sit down with clients in order to determine the accuracy required. This unique way of collecting data offers a minimised risk to surveyors especially when comparing to some of the more traditional methods whereby stockpiles would have to be climbed in order to gather accurate and actionable data.

Our highly technical and innovative manner of data collection through the use of drones helps save time and cut costs as a full site can be surveyed more quickly and efficiently. In addition, because they are straight forward, inspections can be carried out on a more regular basis and this allows stock anomalies to be detected more regularly and rectified if necessary.

Reduce Risk

No need to send teams up the stockpile to gather data minimising the risk of trips and falls

Save Time

Compared to traditional methods the data can be captured more regularly and frequently

Cut Costs

Minimises loss stock, as there is constant up to date stockpile volume data

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