Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Onsite Asset Monitoring

A modern way of monitoring and protecting onsite assets

Traditional methods of monitoring and protecting assets on large projects is not always a fool proof method.

At Rectrix Drone Services we offer a new and unique way of monitoring the whereabouts of and whether or not they have left a site. The technology uses RFID tagging. Whilst the drone is flying across the site autonomously it will pick up the signal from RFID tags on assets via a special receiver attached to the drone. From here, specialised software allows you to track asset movements and determine if it has been removed from site.

We like to minimise risk for our clients and do so by carrying our drone inspection at the start and the end of the day. In doing this, site managers are able to detect assets that should not be in a certain area and move them to a safe zone. In a bid to also help clients reduce cost, our drones allow you to constantly monitor where assets are as well as tracking the last person to use them.

Reduce Risk

Minimises the risk of certain assets going into areas where they should not be entering, allowing for quick detection and removal

Save Time

Allows for quick location of asset that could have been misplaced

Cut Costs

Being able to track assets, allowing them to be in the right position on site at the right time so keeping projects on track

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