Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

Build Monitoring

A unique perspective for your build project

Keeping a build project on schedule and within cost can be challenging for project managers.

At Rectrix we can offer a unique solution allowing you to gain new perspective on how the progression of your project.
Rectrix drones will fly an autonomous flight of the whole site taking between 300 – 3000 pictures (depending on the size of the site). Once data has been collected it is processed back at base where 2D orthomosaics are produced. These output to most BIM software and allows project managers to gain an overall view of the site on a regular basis. BIM software allows you to overlay each orthomosaic giving a timeline of the build.

Because of the methods Rectrix employ, risks such as health and safety are reduced given drones can identify potential hazards from height. Orthomosaic saves time and cuts costs as the unique perspective detects anomalies’ that may not be seen when using traditional methods. Drone inspection allows project managers to make changes and keep costs within budget.

Reduce Risk

Health and safety issues that may not be detected easily from the ground can be picked up from this unique perspective and rectified

Save Time

Issues can be quickly identified from this perspective and rectified or monitored

Cut Costs

Quicker detections of anomalies allowing for them to be monitored or rectified if necessary

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