Cut Costs, Reduce Risk, Save Time.

3D Modelling

Add a unique perspective to construction projects

Traditional methods of creating 3D models for construction projects are time consuming and often come at a great cost.

Thanks to the advancement of drone technology and sensors, 3D models now have the ability to be created with specialised software allowing you to integrate models into most of the available BIM software. Rectrix drones will autonomously fly the project and capture high resolution images. Upon completion we use specialised software to create high detailed 3D models which can be imported to most 3D modelling and BIM software (such as AutoCAD). This allows you to not only monitor the project, but also manipulate it and get detailed measurements.

This new technique of creating 3D models helps minimise risks in terms of surveyors moving around a live site. The chances of them coming into direct contact with a hazard is dramatically reduced. The technique we specialise in can also help reduce costs. The project manager is able to monitor progress frequently as additional models can be produced on a more regular basis.

Reduce Risk

Minimises the risk of surveyors walking about a live site, with a drone it will take off and land in the same position so there is no need to move around the site

Save Time

Compared to traditional methods of capturing data it can massively reduce the time it takes for a model to get produced, allowing more models to be made over the projects lifespan

Cut Costs

Reduces costs significantly as it allows more models to be produced over the lifetime of the project, allowing any anomalies to be picked up earlier than using traditional methods

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