Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis – The Emergency Response Drone


The Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis Platform is specifically designed with the emergency response and security secotrs in mind with its 1 hour flight time, customiseable payloads and fully encrypted downlink. It provides situational awaernesss for the incident commanders allowing them to make informed decisions as the incident develops and unfolds. Its quick launch system means the unit can be on the ground and in the air within 30 seconds. Because the Sky Mantis is fully customiseable, it can be made to the specified needs from just the base drone, to complete intergrated tethered command solutions.

Key Features

  • 1 hour true flight time
  • Duel Camera Options
  • 30x optical zoom HD camera
  • Thermal/IR camera options
  • 50 MPH wind tolerance
  • Tethered option
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Product Specification

Flight Time 1 Hour
No. of Cameras 2
Optics 30x optical zoom HD 1080p RGB Camera
Thermal / IR Yes
Wind Tolerence 50mph (Reduced Flight Time)
Viewing Angle 180° Vertical
Battery Swap < 20s
Deployment Time < 30s
Backpack Included Yes
Tethered Option Yes
Command Integration Yes