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Hussar Mapping Drone leading the way in fixed wing technology

  • Hussar fixed wing drone

With the rapid development in technology within the drone industry, many industries are starting to see the real benefit drones can bring to their businesses, two of these industries are construction and mining. With so many different types of drones and manafactures on the market it can be a mine field selecting the correct platform that will give the you the results you need.

Rectrix has been in the drone industry for many years and we have constantly looked for new solutions that come to the market. We recently teamed up with Eagle Pride Drones to bring their new fixed wing Hussar mapping drone to the market.

These past two days we spent with them assessing the platform and getting trained up in how to deliver the manufacture training. We have been seriously impressed with craft, its very stable and tracks to the assigned route perfectly even in high winds. Its ability to be fully customisable was one of the reasons we have decided to partner with them. As it means if a client has a particular job that they require the drone to do we can customise everything from the payload, to even being able to integrate and ADS-B receiver and transmitter if necessary, allowing for the system to be modified for beyond visual line of sight flights.

At the end of the day the drone needs to be able to reduce risk, save time and cut costs. As part of this the data that the drone produces is a key factor, the onboard sensor that the Hussar uses is the Sony A6000 24MP, and is able to produce high quality images that are easy imported into the likes of PIX4D or Agisoft modelling software. With the onboard log system each time the camera is triggered the log system takes the geo referenced point and once back on the ground with the specialised software each photo is geo-tagged.

For more details or to enquire about the Hussar fixed wing drone or the services that we can provide with it, click the link below

Hussar Fixed Wing Drone