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Electra Mining South Africa Exhibition

A fantastic week in South Africa at the Electra Mining Exhibition and Conference with our new partner Advanced Fire Suppression Systems, exhibiting the latest in drone technology to the mining community for the whole of the African continent.

Rectrix and Advanced Fire Suppression Systems have partnered together to bring the latest drone products and services to multiple industries within Africa. Advancements within the drone industry allow drones to be utilised in new and innovative ways, from volumetric analysis of stockpiles to asset integrity management allowing assets to be inspected more frequently with less risk and less costs. As with any project the data that the drone produces are one of the key factors and is why Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies partnered with Rectrix because they understood that the drones needed to produce useable data for clients that they can act on it.

With our partners we were able to show people the latest fixed wing drone from Eagle Pride. The Hussar has been specifically designed to be customisable to the client’s needs, meaning if a client has a particular job that they require the drone to do we can customise everything from the payload, to even being able to integrate and ADS-B receiver and transmitter if necessary, allowing for the system to be modified for beyond visual line of sight flights.

The Electra Mining Exhibition the largest in Africa was a huge success with a lot of interested parties and leads to follow up on which will help develop our partnership further, if you require more information on our services click the links below.

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