Drone Defence

Deter - Detect - Defend

Defence Solutions

The security aspects drone solutions offer is becoming highly prevalent across a whole range of sectors.

Issues surrounding rogue drones can arise and this is where Rectrix comes in. We are here to guide you through the variety of available systems in order to present you with the ideal security solution for your business.

There are three key aspects to the defence of an asset or site when using drones. Deterring a user from entering via warning signs and a physical deterrent in the first. Secondly is the drone detection aspect. Currently because drones are available in varying shapes and sizes, multiple sensors are needed to detect threats. The final aspect is to defend and this can be broken down into two areas. Physical means involves a gun system whereby upon fring a net is used to bring down the drone. A non-physical system relies upon interfering with the drones control system.

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