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Rectrix specialists guide you in all aspects of integrating drones


Drone Platform

Fixed wing or rotary – battery or tethered system – redundancy – sensors zoom, thermal or both – complete command solution



Theory and practical experience – use of drones within different environments – Tailored training to meet your requirements – NQE partners – Competence testing of each pilot


Support and Maintenance

Yearly competency testing of teams – Drone Maintenance - yearly checking of components or to manufacturer's instructions – integration of new sensors onto your platform to get more use and better actionable data

At Rectrix we are experts in selecting the correct drone platform to suit specific requirements.

Working closely with our clients we find out exactly what is needed, the tasks a drone will be performing and what environment it will be working in. Embarking upon a bespoke solution ensures full potential of the unit when taking ownership of a drone.

Integral to professional, legal and safe drone use, training is required. We pride ourselves on making sure that any client purchasing a drone from us is trained to the highest standards. Covering both the theory and practical side of training we are confident that you will leave with the ability to operate safely. Working alongside partners we provide a full NQE course allowing you to acquire a PfCO (permission for commercial operations) from the CAA.

Industry Specific Training

Where your drone is to be flown is an integral part of our training as flying in the industrial high hazard sector will require completely different training to someone flying a drone in the emergency response sector. We will tailor training specifically to your needs whilst ensuring competent in the use of your drone and how to react in given scenarios that could arise. We will make sure you can fly in ATTI (Altitude) mode as this will prove that should a situation arise whereby you lose GPS then you are capable of bringing the drone back to its landing site safely.

Once you have your drone we will always be on hand to give ongoing support including extra training, drone maintenance and testing your teams to make sure they are still competent to fly safely and professionally. Finally, should you have a new use for your drone, Rectrix can help integrate new sensors onto the system to make sure the data you capture is actionable for your teams.

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