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Chancellor of Exchequer visits Rectrix

Alex James Westwood hosted Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond on a visit to Rectrix Drone Services Limited part of a targeted knowledge transfer of Disruptive Technology Companies.

Specialising in Unmanned Aerial Solutions (Sales, Service and Consulting) to High Hazard Sectors including Petrochemical, Refining, Chemical, Utilities, Energy, Nuclear as well as Blue Light Services, Fire & Rescue, Police, Security, Coast Guard & Border Control.

Rectrix recently opened an office in Trinidad & Tobago, securing contracts with a number of Petrochemical operators and in dialogue with National Pipeline Operators and Emergency Services representatives. Rectrix are in frequent discussions with TTCAA on regulation development and UAV operator management.

The exporting of UK UAS expertise with potential JV’s with local players in India, South Africa and Tanzania ongoing. If Rectrix can be of service to your company please don’t hesitate to make a call. We’re here to help, email us on