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Rectrix Drones Services is a leading disruptive technology company, using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or Drones) for a variety of applications. Rectrix strives to pioneer and develop innovative ways to utilise the technology.

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Oil & Gas

Using drones to provide inspections and surveys of live, high and hard to reach assets, both in the onshore and offshore industries.

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Renewables & Utilities

The application of drone technology is utilised to capture data from cell towers, powerlines, solar and wind infrastructure.

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Civil Construction

Drones utilised to provide actionable data for construction/project managers enabling them to monitor build progress.

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Using drones to acquire data allowing for the creation of detailed models and an in depth breakdown of measurements and volumetric analysis.

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Security & Border Control

Using drones for surveillance of known hotspots reducing the risk of sending teams in. Drones can autonomously fly borderline and with on board computers detect anomalies.

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Emergency Response

Drone technology gives incident commanders a full view of the circumstances allowing them to coordinate with other teams at the scene, helping with the overall situational awareness.

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Utilising this technology to inspect runways autonomously with on board computers analysing the data for anomalies.

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Drone Defence

Utilising this technology allows for high target assets to be protected from rogue drones coming into their airspace.

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With the advancement in drone technology, they can now be utilised for a wide range of applications within the infrastructure industry.

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    Eagle Pride Mapping Drone

    Eagle Pride Hussar, the easy to use, affordable aerial mapping solution capable of capturing highly accurate data!

    After many years manufacturing aerial mapping drones in the UAV industry and speaking to many operators in the field, we felt that there was a great opportunity in the market to offer a simple, easy to use and affordable mapping solution. With this knowledge and experience we started to develop our new mapping drone.

    With a fresh look at design and “out the box” thinking, the HUSSAR was born! Built from the highest grade EPP foam, carbon fibre, high quality plastics and using ONLY the market leading avionics and components, the HUSSAR MAPPING DRONE is in a class of it’s own!

    • Up to 90 minutes endurance
    • 50km range
    • 23MP Sensor
    • 15m/s cruise speed
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